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Welcome to Our Life To Win

Hello, my name is Jessica. I am the mother of three amazing, wonderful children, that I raise the best way I can. Unfortunately, the best way I can, can be better. 

We are a family of 4. I’ve never owned a home, I live in massive amount of debt  (mostly because I spend the money on the kids), and I have to work overtime to make ends meet. It’s time to rearrange priorities. It’s time to get out of debt. It’s time to spend less money, and more time with the children.

It’s time to win our lives back, from the american stereo type life. 

So here is our story. This blog, our youtube channel, and our Facebook page will be used together and separately to document our 

adventures, what we’ve learned, and the steps we are taking to become the best family we can be. 

This is 

Our life 2 win.


5 thoughts on “Welcome to Our Life To Win

  1. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you guys get up too and the differences between the America family and us Brits ❤❤❤ xx


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